Watermark Your Pictures

Need to watermark some pictures? No matter whether you’ll be marking them with pictures or text, Zoner Photo Studio is here to help.

You’ve surely run into watermarks in the past. People most often use them to express their copyrights on photos. They tend to be translucent pictures or text—a logo, the author’s name, or a combination of both, placed inside a photo. Photographers’ opinions on watermarks vary. Some swear by them, some swear at them. But when you do decide to watermark a set of pictures, how can you do it? In Zoner Photo Studio and on the Zonerama web galleries, it’s easy.

Watermarking in Zoner Photo Studio

To watermark a picture, open a picture in Manager, click Menu at the top left, and then use the Edit menu’s Text Overlay or Image Overlay items. You can also just press Ctrl+T (text) or Ctrl+Shift+T (image).


Text Watermarks

If ordinary text is enough for your watermark, then make it using Menu > Edit > Text Overlay… or Ctrl+T. In the Text window’s Text box, enter the text to add. Generally this will be your name or contact info.

Towards the bottom of the window, turn on Use as watermark and, if appropriate, Transparency. You may also want to adjust the text’s font and size. To reposition the watermark if needed, click one of the nine anchor points for Position, and use the Indentation settings to put it above, below, etc. that point.


Text watermarks typically have an embossed look, making their color and background irrelevant. But there’s one trick involving the background we can recommend to give your watermark a different, eye-catching look. Type one space to the right of your text in the Text box, and one space to its left. Don’t ignore Text Background like you usually would. Set a color and an eye-pleasing transparency level, such as 50. This puts your watermark inside a translucent strip that stretches all the way across the photo.


Image Watermarks

Image watermarks (for example the logo for your company or client) are almost as easy to add as text. Add them using Menu > Edit > Image Overlay… or Ctrl+Shift+T. Click Select Image… in the Image window, then browse over to the picture that you want to use. Here again turn on Use as watermark. Turn on Emboss as well, for a better-looking watermark. The positioning controls here work the same as for text watermarks. Use Resample to stretch or shrink the watermark.


Watermarking Multiple Pictures

Zoner Photo Studio can watermark many pictures at once. This works almost the same as for a single picture. Just select multiple photos in the Manager (by left-clicking them one-by-one while holding down the Ctrl key, or by using Ctrl+A to select all photos in the folder) and then use Text Overlay or Image Overlay. Set up the watermark the way you want, and then click Apply to All. (Be careful! This overwrites your pictures, so only do this with copies—not your originals.)

The Batch Filter is another, different way to watermark multiple pictures, and it’s a handy one. It means a few more steps, but you can use it to do some very useful things—for example watermarking your pictures, shrinking them, sharpening them, and saving a copy of them under a new name, all at once.

Watermarking on Zonerama

The Zonerama web gallery also offers simple text watermarks. When uploading photos via Zonerama’s web interface, use the options under Change Album Security on the right for this. There’s the option of either a small watermark at each picture’s bottom right, or a large one all the way across. Fill in the text you want and click Save. The watermark is immediately added to the uploaded picture(s) and every other picture in the same album.



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