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Why Doesn’t My RAW Look Like It Did in the Camera?

Have you ever racked your brains because the RAW developer in Zoner Photo Studio produced results that slightly differed from the camera’s JPEGs—for example brighter or differently colored? The problem’s not with you, nor is it with ZPS. It’s a side effect of camera manufacturers’ trade secrets.

What Focal Length Is Best for Landscape Photography?

You’ve probably run into the title question in practice. The answer is: there’s not just one best length. Unlike in portrait photography, nearly every lens works for landscapes. It’s just that each one lets you present the landscape a bit differently. So let’s explore the differences among them via an example landscape.

Editor’s Choice: No Ordinary Portrait

Preparing for a shoot is very important. In general the better your preparation, the easier the shoot. Today we’ll take a look at a photograph that would have been completely ordinary without preparation, but thanks to how the shot was handled it’s gained a new dimension.