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What the Works of Great Painters Can Teach You About Photography

We all often examine the work of other photographers, professionals, and the best in our field so as to capture and absorb at least a part of their skill, so we can apply it later in our own pictures. Let’s try extending our study of the great works one step farther outwards, to painting. What can painters’ great works offer photographers?

Editor’s Choice: A Countryside in the Cold and Damp

Late autumn and early winter aren’t exactly the best time for photography. But this doesn’t stop photographers who see bad weather as a chance to distinguish themselves from their peers who only shoot under blue skies. How can you turn bad weather into an advantage?

How About Perfect Photos for $99 a Month?

And now time for something completely different. How about a photo service that features a camera you rent that sees the pictures you take whisked off to the cloud, edited and then only your best ones are sent back to smartphone for you to decide to have printed or turned into a photobook.

Editor’s Choice: Against the Light

Many photography handbooks will tell you not to shoot against the light. But when you know what you’re doing, that doesn’t always apply. Today we’ll take a look at one photo that was taken against the light, and yet looks good despite this.