Integrating DNG Converter into Zoner Photo Studio

If you process RAW photos in Zoner Photo Studio, then we have a tip for you! In this article you’ll learn to get the most out of your pictures by integrating Adobe DNG Converter into Zoner.

There are definite benefits to integrating Adobe DNG Converter into your Zoner Photo Studio. DNG Converter makes it easy for you to process RAW files even from uncommon cameras, and it also helps you get better pictures. It is not available in Zoner immediately after installation for two main reasons. First, most Zoner users still do not use RAW, and second, the commercial use of the Converter by Zoner directly would require licensing fees, which would in turn make Zoner more expensive.

But for Zoner users who do work with RAW data, installing the Converter and integrating it into Zoner is a snap. We’ll go through the whole process here in a few steps.

First, you need to download the DNG Converter. It’s available from this page on Adobe’s website. On that page, just pick the current latest version of the Converter (it was 8.3 at the time this article was published) and on the pages after that, click Proceed to Download and Download Now.

Downloading version 8.3 of the DNG converter.

Downloading version 8.3 of the DNG converter.

The installer is just under 160 MB in size. After downloading the installer to your computer, run it. Then just click Install and wait for the Converter to be installed.

Zoner automatically detects the Converter when it’s installed in the normal location, but it never hurts to be sure, so now for a short step 2. Start Zoner, and then use the Settings > Preferences… menu item.

Setting the path to the RAW-to-DNG converter.

Setting the path to the RAW-to-DNG converter.

In the left column of the Preferences window, click RAW Format. The RAW to DNG converter box here should list the folder to which you installed the Converter. But if it doesn’t, then click the folder icon now. This shows a Browse window. Use it to set the path to Adobe DNG Converter.exe. (On 64-bit computers, this is normally C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe DNG Converter.exe unless you changed it while installing the Converter.) Then click the Apply button.

Now you can use the DNG Converter to bring RAW files into DNG. ZPS then easily converts them onward from there. You’ll immediately see changes to the brightness and colors in the next RAW photos you develop. We think you’ll like it!

Note: Switching to DNG-based conversion like this greys out Zoner’s option for choosing a conversion method.

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