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Learn to Make Water Reflect Your Ideas

In the summer it’s time to head out to the water, no matter whether that means the sea, a pond, or a wading pool. But water’s also good for something else—playing with composition. So let’s go over some tips for taking advantage of reflections on water surfaces.

What Crop Factor Is and What It Tells You

You’ve probably heard the term “crop factor” at some point—but do you know what it means? And is your camera’s crop factor a help, or a hindrance? Let’s take a look at what crop factor says about your camera’s quality.

How to Take Perfect Seaside Photos

If you don’t live by the sea, every seaside visit is interesting and full of photo opportunities. Any beach photo will do as a souvenir, but what if you want to hone your abilities and get better pictures? Then take a look at these inspiring examples and tips to try on your next vacation.