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Can You Photograph Yourself? Can a Superhero?

In today’s thrilling episode of Zonerama Magazine, we’ll geek out about the physics of the TV series The Flash. Did its authors go overboard when they let their super-fast hero photograph himself? Oh, and could he have used a flash? So many questions! So let’s answer them. All we’ll need is a little high-school physics.

Latest Photo Output Offerings Range From Basic to Bizarre

Have you seen some of the new photo merchandise products that a wide variety of imaging retailers and print providers are offering to both pro and consumer customers? It’s amazing stuff and the technology that is helping produce these items is equally amazing.

Turn Your Home into a Photography Studio

Like many beginning photographers, you may wish for your own studio. But do you really need one? Many pro photos today are born outside the studio. In fact, more and more photographers are avoiding classical studios completely. This trend has been apparent for the past several years. So here’s a tip on how to work like a modern pro from the comfort of your home—by creating your own home studio.

Editor’s Choice: Love

Spring is here, and nature is blooming—and with it, people. And their love. Love is above all an emotion, and so in love-themed photography you need to put that fact first. You’re not photographing a product; you’re photographing feelings and emotion. That’s why these are by far the most important aspect of the photo. Today we’ve brought you some of the best photos about love on Zonerama.

Digital Doesn’t Have To Mean Ephemeral

While I do hang on to this fear that we may be leaving future generations bereft when it comes to family histories due to the bad habits we are developing with our digital memories, I also revel in the technology for other reasons.

How Lens Profiles Make Your Life Easier

How Lens Profiles Make Your Life Easier

Every lens type has its own set of distortions and optical defects. In some pictures these are not visible, but in others they are very, very visible. The good news is that these defects are very easy to correct while developing pictures from RAW. Zoner Photo Studio has enabled manual correction of lens defects for many years, but version 17 is the first to offer automatic correction. Equally attractive here is the support for camera body profiles. If you want the maximum from your pictures, then you should definitely pay attention to these two features.

It’s Spring Cleaning Time. Tag Your Photos!

It’s Spring Cleaning Time. Tag Your Photos!

It may have already happened to you: you needed to quickly find a photo of your parents, or pick the best out of a set of mountain photos. But your pictures were scattered all over your disk, so just browsing normally, you were helpless. And yet, there is something that helps with precisely this job. What is it? It’s keywords! Keyword-tag your photos, and searches like these become a question of seconds.

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