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Editor’s Choice: Abstract Theater

A theater is a great place for taking pictures, since it contains so many props, different things, and potential models that there just might not be any other kind of place with quite as many photographic opportunities as a theater. So today we’ve picked a picture that grasps these opportunities.

Camera Care: A Clean Sensor is a Happy Sensor

It’s a task that many advanced amateur shooters probably rank right up there cleaning out the garage, getting the car washed or spending time with the in-laws. We’re talking about cleaning your DSLR’s sensor and while it may not be top of mind it’s a very necessary evil from time to time.

Master the Tools That Will Get You Perfect Colors

Color adjustments are right up there alongside tone-curve adjustments as the most common edits you’ll make to your digital photos. No matter whether that’s a global repair to a photo that was tinted by a bad white-balance setting, or complicated creative edits using selections.