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Editor’s Choice: Unsharp Is Also OK

As renowned Czecho-Slovak photographer Robert Vano once noted, photography isn’t brain surgery. So you don’t have to be scalpel-sharp. And our picks today from the Zonerama galleries support his words. Much more important than technical quality is the overall feeling from a photo.

Zoner Photo Studio 18: Perfect Pics In Just a Few Clicks

A new version of Zoner Photo Studio has been released, and we have no doubts that it will catch your eye right at first sight. Both with its modern design, and with its new perks that will be appreciated by every photographer, from beginner to pro. Zoner Photo Studio 18 looks and performs better than ever. You’ll be sorting, editing, and sharing your pictures in a flash.

Useful Tips For Choosing Your Tripod

A tripod should be one of the basic parts of a photographer’s gear, no matter what genre they shoot. This accessory is often overlooked, and while it’s true that in many situations you can make do without it, the lack of a tripod often makes it a major problem to take a quality picture, or even makes it impossible. That’s why in today’s article I’ll be mapping out the situations where a tripod really is an integral part of a photographer’s gear.

GoPro Goes Immersive, Debuts VR Camera Rig

After dominating the Action Cam space for the last several years, the makers of GoPro have decided to jump into the virtual reality space with their highly anticipated release of the Odyssey rig.

Editor’s Choice: The City as a Landscape

The city offers countless opportunities to pick up a camera and head out to take pictures. Of anything. Of quiet corners, busy or half-empty streets, sunsets, closeups. And even cityscapes. When you take your camera out into the city, try to capture its spirit just like in these pictures from Zonerama!