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What Is The Best Format For Your Pictures?

Today we’ll be telling you about how digital photography works with “bitmap graphics” and that these have some minuses compared to “vector graphics.” But—what do these phrases even mean? And what bitmap formats are there within digital photography? And out of those, why shoot to RAW instead of JPEG? Read on to find out!

Microscopic Murder Wins Nikon’s Small World In Motion Competition

There are literally thousands upon thousands of incredible photo ops available everyday right under our noses. The fact they are happening as microscopic scene makes them impossible for us to capture which is why Nikon holds their Photomicrography Competition every year appropriately dubbed Nikon’s Small World.

Editor’s Choice: Celebrating Differences

The world is a wide and colorful place. Sometimes a few miles can make a huge difference—not just in landscapes, but also in customs and cultures. In today’s selection of the best photos on Zonerama we’ll be looking at pictures that celebrate cultural differences.

5 Apps That Turn Digital Photos Into Memorable Treasures

While the venerable 4×6-inch photo print has apparently lost its luster, people are still more than a little interested in turning their digital photo files into something more – they do indeed want to liberate their photos from their smartphones, turning treasured memories into memorable treasures, so to speak.