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Editor’s Choice: Love

Spring is here, and nature is blooming—and with it, people. And their love. Love is above all an emotion, and so in love-themed photography you need to put that fact first. You’re not photographing a product; you’re photographing feelings and emotion. That’s why these are by far the most important aspect of the photo. Today we’ve brought you some of the best photos about love on Zonerama.

Digital Doesn’t Have To Mean Ephemeral

While I do hang on to this fear that we may be leaving future generations bereft when it comes to family histories due to the bad habits we are developing with our digital memories, I also revel in the technology for other reasons.

Learn to Use Selections—Your Key to Precision Edits

Have you ever looked at a photo and said to yourself, “this really needs some edits—but not everywhere—just here and here.” You want to darken the sky… blur the background… or maybe make the grass greener. How can you do that? In Zoner Photo Studio, the answer is: selections.

How to Recognize Great Photos

You see photos everywhere. Browse the web: you see photos. Open a newspaper: you see photos. Drive to work: you see billboards with smiling models… in photos. And that’s just the situation for normal people. It’s even worse for us photographers, who live and die for photos. So how can you pick good photos out of the flood of them you see each day?

Editor’s Choice: Less Is More

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a photograph truly great. Nothing big, no expensive props. The little things are enough. And that’s the theme for our Editor’s Choice picks today. Come join us today for a look at Zonerama photos that do more with less.

How Lens Profiles Make Your Life Easier

How Lens Profiles Make Your Life Easier

Every lens type has its own set of distortions and optical defects. In some pictures these are not visible, but in others they are very, very visible. The good news is that these defects are very easy to correct while developing pictures from RAW. Zoner Photo Studio has enabled manual correction of lens defects for many years, but version 17 is the first to offer automatic correction. Equally attractive here is the support for camera body profiles. If you want the maximum from your pictures, then you should definitely pay attention to these two features.

It’s Spring Cleaning Time. Tag Your Photos!

It’s Spring Cleaning Time. Tag Your Photos!

It may have already happened to you: you needed to quickly find a photo of your parents, or pick the best out of a set of mountain photos. But your pictures were scattered all over your disk, so just browsing normally, you were helpless. And yet, there is something that helps with precisely this job. What is it? It’s keywords! Keyword-tag your photos, and searches like these become a question of seconds.

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