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Light Field Camera Uses Simple Trick for Complicated Results

Among the more amazing pieces of imaging tech during the last decade-plus been Lytro’s Light Field Technology. While we shy away from using the term “game changer” – the tech inside the sensor Lytro developed is taking imaging in some incredible new directions.

Finding Your Field in Photography

There are many categories in photography. And each of them has subcategories, and below these, sub-subcategories. So finding your place in photography isn’t easy—there are so many places to find. It often takes years before a photographer finds a style. But how will you know when you’ve found the right field for you? You might find the answer in today’s article—which contains a bit of philosophizing.

Editor’s Choice: On the Road

Just about every photographer would love to see the world. Out on the road is the best place to take the really interesting photos—the ones you can’t wait to publish. And it’s no wonder: new, unknown places are alluring for photographers. We hope you can hit the road soon! For now, come enjoy Zonerama’s best travel photos with us.

Whirrr! How Does That Focusing Mechanism Work?

Camera-shopping lately? You can avoid nasty surprises and grow as a photographer by knowing how camera focusing systems work. There are several different systems with different advantages and disadvantages. Learn them and keep them in mind, and you’ll take clearer pictures—and maybe save money too!

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