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Editor’s Choice: Against the Light

Many photography handbooks will tell you not to shoot against the light. But when you know what you’re doing, that doesn’t always apply. Today we’ll take a look at one photo that was taken against the light, and yet looks good despite this.

Traditional Photo Companies Unveil Some New Tricks at CES

Last week we took a look at some of the more unique, if a bit less ballyhooed, imaging fare from the 2017 CES. This time around we’re focusing on the goodies displayed by the more prominent photographic companies that exhibited at the big annual Las Vegas shindig.

Get Organized with Ratings and Labels

Despite all we’ve written here about editing photos, Zoner Photo Studio is for more than just editing. This time we’ll take a look at how to make it easier to sort your photos after downloading them on to your computer.

Amid The CES Gadget Chaos Some Cool Imaging News

After a week spent dodging drones and robots, trying on countless wearable gizmos and gawking at some pretty amazing TVs, the 2017 CES could leave fella too exhausted to soldier on. But alas, there were some fairly incredible imaging-related gadgets I wanted to see…I just needed to hunt them down.

Using Glass Reflections in Your Pictures

Glass is a unique material that presents a major challenge for photographers. That’s because glass adds reflections to a photo, and these are usually unwanted. But there are also situations where reflections can be put to good use.