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White Balance: Why It Matters, What to Do

Every light source has its own temperature. There’s a big difference between the sun and an incandescent bulb. The human eye and brain can join forces to convince us that whites are white under every light, but a camera needs to be told. How?

Delve into Detail— Learn the Basics of Macro

Discovering the tiniest and most curious wonders of nature and insects. That’s what macro photographers and entomologists worldwide try to do. And the results of their work can be breathtaking. Meanwhile, every beginning photographer can learn the basics of macro photography. Come and take a look too.

Non-destructive Edits Save You Time and Disk Space

Non-destructive edits are edits that don’t destroy your original picture file. They keep you from having to take care of two separate versions of a picture—one edited, the other not. In short, they make editing work with large collections faster and easier to manage overall.

Use Your Tripod Right!

A tripod is among a photographer’s most typical tools. You might think that with a tripod, you only need to plop your camera onto it to get attractive photos. But things don’t always work out, and sometimes you get unnecessarily blurred pictures.