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Make Photos Dreamlike With These 4 Tools

Delicate, dreamy pictures aren’t always possible without computer editing. But once the hardest work—a well-taken shot that you’re satisfied with—is done, you just have to fine-tune the details. These include colors, softness, and light.

Put an End to Red Eye!

There may not be a single photographer out there who hasn’t struggled with red eye. This unpleasant problem happens when a camera’s flash is reflected in the retina of an eye. It’s most often seen in photos taken using a compact camera with a flash. But why does it happen, and how can you remove this defect in a photo editor?

Shooting Portraits on the (Right) Level

Full-length shots give dramatically different impressions depending on your height. When you’re photographing someone from up high, they can end up distorted in your picture—for example with shortened legs. Let’s take an illustrated look together at the effects that height and distance can have on portraits.