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Photographing Silhouettes

Silhouettes. Striking photos where the subject is only hinted, not shown. Despite this—or because of it—they are well-loved, and they are real attention-getters. Come join us for some inspiring silhouette photos and for tips on how to make your silhouettes even better.

Editor’s Choice: Barcelona

Even though Barcelona isn’t the capital of Spain, it receives millions of tourists a year. And even though Barcelona has a number of typical tourist spots, in today’s selection of the best photos on Zonerama we’ve tried to pick out-of-the-ordinary photos from this Spanish metropolis.

Making Autofocus Work for You

Cameras today have some very advanced autofocus systems. But it does take a little knowledge and skill to get the most out of them. Read on for important tips on making autofocus benefit you and your photography.

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