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5 Classic Edits to Liven up Your Landscape Photos

Just about all of us shoot when we’re on the road. But the pictures that experienced photographers post on the Internet look a little different. Their exceptional shot locations definitely help, but their final looks actually owe a lot overall to computer edits. And meanwhile, these are rarely complicated tricks. In this article, you’ll find several common workflows that you too can use on your photos.

5 Techniques for Shooting in Natural Light

Work with natural light has simpler equipment demands than work with artificial light, but on the other hand, you don’t have the light fully under your control. But you can still direct and enhance the light, using reflectors and diffusion panels.

Editor’s Choice: A Creative Head Shot

We all need portrait photos at least once in a while—for example for an ID card or passport. The basic “head shot” is pretty bland, but on social networks and in resumes you can find some that are more creative—and we’ve found one on Zonerama that’s a real attention-getter.

What Are Photos Made Of? Learn 5 Basic Elements in Photographic Images

Photography doesn’t have to be just trigger-pressing. It has its rules and its theory. Come join us for a look at photography’s basic means of expression, and learn the difference between a photograph (a photographic image) and a mere camera-powered recording of reality. You should give each photo a distinct subject, and to express that subject creatively, you need thorough work with light, composition, and perspective.