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How to Fix Crooked Photos

Sometimes your pictures can end up with a tilted horizon or oddly-leaning objects that are supposed to be standing straight up. But don’t despair—you don’t have to delete photos like these. Just straighten them in a photo editor.

Photography Tips for Newbie Food Bloggers

Would you like for readers to pick your food blog, and none other? We can’t tell you how to make your content stand out, but we do know that with bad photos, you’ll go nowhere. You might say: hey, I’m just starting! But if you follow a few basic guidelines, your photos will be tastier right away.

Do You Really Need All That Gear for Landscape Photos?

There’s lots of tools out there for landscape photography, but not everyone wants to carry them all on a hike—or even buy them. If you’re not sure what equipment you’ll need for your nature photography, read on and learn what makes sense to take.