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An Eye on Composition—Part II

Composition is fundamental for a photo’s quality. So never underestimate it. Try to always keep it in mind and be aware of what aspects you can improve in your photos’ composition. You can get some great composition by concentrating on contrast, stepping in for a shot, or sometimes even going for a center composition. Read today’s article for several intriguing tips on getting better, more original composition.

Squirreling Away a Few Imaging News Nuggets

Once again, as a service to our busy readers, like so many squirrels gathering nuts for the winter, we’ve gone out and gathered a few imaging-related news items we have a hunch you may have missed over the last several weeks as summer has slowly faded in fall.

Editor’s Choice: Outlines and Silhouettes

It’s a bad idea to underestimate your subject’s outlines. And it’s good when they’re good and visible. Then you can be sure that what you’re seeing will be seen in your photographs as well. Come join us for a look at some great silhouette work in photographers’ albums on Zonerama.

Master Depth of Field to Get Better Portraits

The aperture you use fundamentally influences your depth of field, and depth of field fundamentally influences your final picture. In this article we’ll take a practical look at a variety of apertures and how they affect background sharpness.