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Drone-in-a-Phone Case Adds Spice to Smartphone Photography

A drone-in-a-phone? Could be as a company called Buzz Technology has developed a diminutive drone hidden inside a compartment between the case and the back of the phone that uses a tether to provide power, image transfer and of course a camera providing the aerial perspective.

Our Fab 5 Mother’s Day Photo Gifts

As the family historian, she’s typical doing all the in-house pointing and clicking so why not get her something that speaks to that fact this Mother’s Day? It’s right around the corner and come on, do you really think a new vacuum cleaner is the best way to say, ‘I love you mom”?

Composition: Fill the Frame

You’ll enhance a photo’s composition whenever you make sure to fill up its frame with your subject. To do this every time, sometimes you’ll need to use a zoom or a long lens, and sometimes you’ll need to step closer, but your pictures will speak more strongly, and your audience will know what they’re looking at.

Editor’s Choice: Heartwarming Snow

The sun can work wonders with a photo and its colors. The sunshine can make even cold snow look warm and heartwarming. And that’s what we’ll be seeing in today’s Editor’s Choice from Zonerama.