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Using Glass Reflections in Your Pictures

Glass is a unique material that presents a major challenge for photographers. That’s because glass adds reflections to a photo, and these are usually unwanted. But there are also situations where reflections can be put to good use.

Editor’s Choice: Capturing Emotions

In photography, capturing emotions is key. But it’s not easy to take an emotion-filled photo. A photographer succeeds at this shows not only technical control over the camera, but also their personality.

Uh Oh, Driving While Taking Selfies Now a Thing

Apparently it’s not scary enough that thousands of people die every year in drunk driving accidents, now we have to add potentially fatal driving while taking a selfie accidents to our list of fears while behind the wheel.

Readers’ Favorites in 2016

Every month we bring you a rich selection of guides and tips for making your photographs even better. Naturally, some topics interest you all more, and some less. So let’s take a look at which articles attracted you the most in 2016.