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Make It Gritty. Make It Harsh. Make It Low Key.

Just as some edits and lighting styles give you a soft-feeling photo, the opposite exists too. Meet the opposite of High Key. Meet Low Key… and learn to create harsher, grittier photos. You can use it for photos of senior citizens, photos of manly men (often the same thing!)… and even for nudes. Read on to find out how to create Low Key photos.

How Your Autofocus Moves the Lens

Do you know what kinds of drives are used to auto-focus lenses? Where are manufacturers boasting and what are they hiding? What can you expect from these drives and how should you care for them? That’s what today’s article is all about.

Facial Recognition Ready For Its Close Up

Okay, so people are freaking out a bit over facial recognition tech as the retail world already has the technology to scan your face and track your every move, and worse than that is the fact they expect to not have to get your consent to do so.

Editor’s Choice: Experience

An experienced photographer, an experienced model, an experienced athlete… if at least one of the people involved in a photo is experienced, then you get a much better picture. Looking at a picture like that, you can just feel the confidence. See for yourself! For today we’ve picked out some of the most confidence-filled photos on Zonerama.

Editing to Highlight Your Subject

Today we’ll once again be taking a look at fixing a specific picture—to help you bridge the gap from theory to real-world work on fixing real-world photos. This shot was taken in poor light conditions—under hard light. We’ll be softening the light to get a picture that’s easier on the eyes. We will use Zoner Photo Studio for all the needed edits. You’re very welcome to follow along with us—just download the photo above and then imitate our steps.

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