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Editor’s Choice: Celebrating Differences

The world is a wide and colorful place. Sometimes a few miles can make a huge difference—not just in landscapes, but also in customs and cultures. In today’s selection of the best photos on Zonerama we’ll be looking at pictures that celebrate cultural differences.

5 Apps That Turn Digital Photos Into Memorable Treasures

While the venerable 4×6-inch photo print has apparently lost its luster, people are still more than a little interested in turning their digital photo files into something more – they do indeed want to liberate their photos from their smartphones, turning treasured memories into memorable treasures, so to speak.

How to Use Curves to Adjust Image Exposure

The Curves tool is a hugely important tool for photo editing. Though complex at first glance, it’s simple after that. Soon proves itself a powerful tool for a wide range of uses. Use it to fine-tune contrast, brighten or darken a picture, highlight low-visibility objects shot against the light, and more.

Learn to Excel at Model Photography

Work with a model depends on more than just posing. You also need to talk right and act right. Act natural, and you’ll get good results without actually having to instruct your model at all. Read on for some tips before you try out model photography for yourself.