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Editor’s Choice: Starring—Your Cameras!

It’s surprisingly rare for cameras themselves to be the subjects of photographs. And when they are, it’s not always the right move. But sometimes it is, and our picks today from the Zonerama photo gallery should be good proof of that.

10 Ways to Become Invisible

Invisibility—it’s not just for superheroes! Every good photographer should be able to turn at least partly invisible. That means not calling attention to themselves—trying to not be seen, to blend in with the crowd. These are major building blocks for success when you’re photographing people. Especially if you’re doing street photography, reportage, or events like weddings.

These Are A Few of Our Favorite (New) Things

Trying to stay on top of new product releases in the imaging industry is akin to attempting to keep up with the Kardashians (not that I have the remotest interest in doing so). That being said, we thought we’d sort through the most recently released photographic gadgets and gizmos and present to you a few new products we felt are worthy of your attention.

How to Put Together Great Photo Sets

In an earlier article we took a look at how to quickly separate the best from the rest of your photos, in terms of technical quality. Today we’ll look at how to prepare a photo set for exhibitions or for contests where an expert jury will judge the photos’ quality. How can you create a great photo set? Read on to find o

Editor’s Choice: It’s All Staged!

Staged photos are a staple of photo albums. And while we don’t usually think about it, even an ordinary portrait is staged in a way. But for today’s Editor’s Choice, we’ve picked photos on Zonerama with that tasty extra bit of fakeness.

May is National Photo Month. Get Out and Shoot!

While the season’s first full month is off to chilly start in most parts of the country, the month of May typically brings with it much sunnier skies and far warmer temps. And what better way to start May out than with an entire month dedicated to photography?

Get Better-looking Facebook Photos!

Get Better-looking Facebook Photos!

Facebook is definitely a great friend to every photographer. But also at the same time it’s also their enemy, censoring photos and lowering their quality. Today we’ll explain a few tricks for working with the largest social network—Facebook—and for getting top quality for the photos you upload there.

Share Your Zonerama Photos Anyhwere

Share Your Zonerama Photos Anyhwere

Every week, we select interesting photos from the Zonerama web galleries and show them off in this magazine’s Editor’s Choice feature. The Zonerama galleries are free, and you can upload your pictures to them at full size, either over the Web or using the Zoner Photo Studio photo software. But what about when you want to show off your albums elsewhere on the Web? Don’t worry, it’s simple!