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Editor’s Choice: Snapshots

It is the snapshots that are the most popular in photography. They find their use in every photographic genre. These pictures are ceaselessly appearing on the internet, taken by anybody. However, we are bringing you digest of your snapshots from reportage, sport or family photos. You will surely see for yourself that a snapshot can capture pretty much everything.

Google+ Makes It Easier to Create Highlight Videos

Using Google+ Auto Awesome Movies you can combine multiple video clips, throw in some music (with your choice of different styles), have Google+ sync your footage to go well with the background tune you choose and wind up with a pretty “awesome” little highlight reel when you’re all done.

The Batch Filter

You come back from vacation, download a whole camera’s worth of photos, and need to fine-tune a group of the best to show your friends. Your principle is to never show a photo before it’s touched up. But! Now you’re back in “work mode,” and you don’t have much time for those touchups. Zoner Photo Studio and its Batch Filter are made precisely for people like you!

Sharing (Your Images) is Caring

We’ve spent quite a bit of time in this space urging you to turn your pixels into prints and/or photo merchandise products and we’ll always continue to pound that drum.

Editor’s Choice: Smiles

Editor’s Choice: Smiles

A smile is a gift. It’s really true. With a smile you can improve someone’s day, and it doesn’t even cost you anything. That’s why in today’s Editor’s Choice, we’ve decided to delight you with smiles captured by Zonerama users. We hope that your day, too, will be a little bit better thanks to these photos.

Editor’s Choice: Domesticated!

Editor’s Choice: Domesticated!

In today’s Editor’s Choice you’ll find animals that have been among humans’ best friends for thousands of years. Domestic animals are more than just cats and dogs. They also include draft animals and livestock. Don’t forget that animals are also living beings with eyes of their own. So when you are taking pictures, kneel down if you need to and take the picture from the level of their eyes.