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Taking Your Photography to New Heights

Two staff photographers at B2B publication Site Selection Magazine have become ardent Zoner users and the award winning program is helping the pair take their photography to new heights.

Editor’s Choice: Racing

Competition is something basic and human. Sometimes we’re the ones competing; other times, we’re watching others in competitions… such as races. And races draw photographers like flies! The bigger the event, the more and better photographers you’ll find there. So it would be a shame not to cover races in an Editor’s Choice. Here is a selection of quality race photography.

Lens-Camera Concept Coming Out Party?

On the heels of having done a piece in this space about the hard-charging smartphone market beginning to take aim at the high-end camera category (which produced some interesting reactions in our comments section), comes news from Sony that the charge continues.

Night Photography Tips

Though photographers have a tendency to seek the prettiest sunshine, you can take impressive nighttime pictures too. Join me in exploring some examples, and you’ll get practical advice for getting the best night photographs too.

Things You May Have Missed

We know you’re undoubtedly busy, camera in hand, capturing the most recent of set of life’s memories. And of course, when you’re done capturing it’s time to dive into your version of Zoner Photo Studio to edit, archive and share those memories in style.

Why Shoot to RAW?

If photography is more for you than just a way to document celebrations, relatives, and vacations, read on. In short if photography is what you live for and you want to present the best, then this text is definitely for you. Take these words to heart, and you’ll never be stuck with a “great… but unusable” picture again.

Editor’s Choice: Age

Editor’s Choice: Age

We can’t stop time. Everything ages, and we can’t do anything about it. Some people and things, meanwhile, are bitten by the tooth of time earlier than others. But aging is about more than wrinkles and rust. The good news for photographers is that aging, like all things, is a photographic opportunity.

Editor’s choice: Capitols

Editor’s choice: Capitols

Capitals are usually the biggest cities in their countries, both in size and population. And it’s no surprise that they’re full of landmarks and monuments, and abuzz with tourists. And above all—they’re very photogenic. That’s why for today’s Editor’s Choice, we’ve chosen selected, great pictures of some of our world’s great capitals.