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Free Photo Apps Continue to Amaze

What the amazing world of photo apps has done for photography has continually amazed us, and perhaps better still, it shows no signs of slowing down. You may of course have already heard about the free Zoner Photo Studio Android app. But this week, we’ll be taking a look at a few more that we thought you should be aware of before you embark on your next photographic journey.

Fight Dirt and Dead Pixels

There are lots of roads to ruined pictures. Dirt and sensor defects are two of them. How can you uncover and solve these problems?

Erotica: No Nudes Necessary

People who are just photography consumers—non-photographers—often envy professionals for the models (the “naked” models!) they photograph. But there’s nothing simple about this photographic discipline, where your photos can easily end up as kitsch that flatters neither your model, nor you.

Editor’s Choice: Fall

Falltime is photo time. It’s no wonder: the landscape is colorful, you don’t need to wait long for sunset, and there’s lots of photogenic weather to choose from. For landscape photographers, falltime isn’t just photo time. It’s heaven. So in today’s selection, you’ll find mainly landscapes and other nature photographs. We’re confident you’ll find these photos inspiring, and so we’ll soon see great new pictures from you on the Zonerama galleries.

Zoner Photo Studio Power User: Karen Orman

We recently caught up with Orman, a devote user of Zoner Photo Studio, and chatted about the photography profession, where her inspiration comes from, and of course, the fun she has had diving into Zoner Photo Studio.

Editor’s Choice: Paris

Editor’s Choice: Paris

You’ve seen our Prague Editor’s Choice. Now it’s time for Paris! We bet none of you out there can hear the word “Paris” without seeing the Eiffel Tower in your mind’s eye. But we’ve tried, while selecting photos from our Zonerama users, to go beyond just that and also bring other views of this beautiful city. Like every city, Paris too has countless photogenic streets. You can see some of them in today’s photographs.

Editor’s Choice: On Rails!

Editor’s Choice: On Rails!

Rails are a popular theme in photography across all genres. They’re real workhorses for landscape, reportage, and even fashion and portrait photography. And where there’s rails, there’s trains… an old-fashioned, but beloved mode of transportation still used worldwide. Today’s selection of photographs by Zonerama users brings you both rails and the trains that ride on them.

Editor’s Choice: Children

Editor’s Choice: Children

Photographs of children are a very popular genre. But it’s also a remarkably difficult one, which can quickly descend into kitsch or tastelessness. Here on Zonerama we’ve found several interesting photos of children that we hope you’ll find very inspiring.