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Editor’s Choice: Fashion

The fashion industry is built in part on great photographs that show flattering clothing on fabulous models. Fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle are brimming with photos like this. Our selection today, however, isn’t from fashion magazines. It’s from your photos on Zonerama.

The Shifting Photo Tides in 2015

We’ve offered up brief peeks at what 2015 will have in store for shutterbugs in this space over the last few months or so but as we move deeper into the year a few things are coming into clearer focus. Let’s take a look at a few that are worth keeping an eye as the year rolls along.

Share Your Zonerama Photos Anyhwere

Every week, we select interesting photos from the Zonerama web galleries and show them off in this magazine’s Editor’s Choice feature. The Zonerama galleries are free, and you can upload your pictures to them at full size, either over the Web or using the Zoner Photo Studio photo software. But what about when you want to show off your albums elsewhere on the Web? Don’t worry, it’s simple!

Save Time with Zoner Photo Studio Shortcuts

Power users view keyboard shortcuts as a necessity. Maybe that’s putting it too strongly, but the shortcuts below will save you time and make you more efficient. We’ll focus on shortcuts that you’ll appreciate practically every time you go to edit a picture.

Editor’s Choice: Selfies

Selfies are a child of the smartphone age. They’re not about quality, composition, or edits. They’re all about the moments, faces, and ideas. Perhaps the biggest selfie boom came after the latest Oscars night, when several Hollywood stars took a group selfie. And it’s clear to our editorial team that you all love putting your selfies on Zonerama. So here are the best ones!

Send a Postcard. Win a Phone!

Send a Postcard. Win a Phone!

Have you already sent a postcard using the Zoner Postcards app? Yes? No? No matter—the holidays are here: a great time to tickle your family with a unique postcard. It’s really simple, and you also get a chance to win a brand-new Google Nexus 6 or iPhone6!

Learn Digital Panning in Zoner Photo Studio

Learn Digital Panning in Zoner Photo Studio

Panning is a technique that photographers use to emphasize motion. They follow a moving object with their camera, and press the trigger at just the right moment. This keeps the photo’s main subject sharp, while blurring its surroundings. That’s nice when you can manage it… but what if you need to fake it after the shot? Read on to find out!