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Photo Recovery Project For The Ages

When disaster strikes, often times with unexpected fury, beyond the obvious concerns over well-being and the safety of loved ones, the loss of photographs is high on the list of cherished things lost.

How Lens Profiles Make Your Life Easier

Every lens type has its own set of distortions and optical defects. In some pictures these are not visible, but in others they are very, very visible. The good news is that these defects are very easy to correct while developing pictures from RAW. Zoner Photo Studio has enabled manual correction of lens defects for many years, but version 17 is the first to offer automatic correction. Equally attractive here is the support for camera body profiles. If you want the maximum from your pictures, then you should definitely pay attention to these two features.

A New, Bizarre Twist On Stealing Photos

Until this past week, we had only heard about this super-creepy trend from a friend in Chicago who had told us that images of her 2 year-old twins were turning up on another women’s profile page on Facebook with the woman treating the twins as her children.

Take Better Family Photos

Every family has their photos, the ones that capture exceptional moments—times of joy and pain. How should you approach this kind of photograph? What are the things to avoid and rules to respect? To learn all this and a little more too, read today’s article.

Editor’s Choice: Crafty Composition

You don’t always have to know time from aperture from ISO to get a good shot. With good taste and a sense for composition, you can create superb photos even with no technical knowledge. Composition is the foundation of all visual perception. And so today we chose photos on Zonerama that caught our eye because their composition was exemplary or original.

Share Your Zonerama Photos Anyhwere

Share Your Zonerama Photos Anyhwere

Every week, we select interesting photos from the Zonerama web galleries and show them off in this magazine’s Editor’s Choice feature. The Zonerama galleries are free, and you can upload your pictures to them at full size, either over the Web or using the Zoner Photo Studio photo software. But what about when you want to show off your albums elsewhere on the Web? Don’t worry, it’s simple!

Save Time with Zoner Photo Studio Shortcuts

Save Time with Zoner Photo Studio Shortcuts

Power users view keyboard shortcuts as a necessity. Maybe that’s putting it too strongly, but the shortcuts below will save you time and make you more efficient. We’ll focus on shortcuts that you’ll appreciate practically every time you go to edit a picture.

IKONA-1024Real Paper Postcards Made from Your Photos

Send postcards to your granny, your uncle, or anyone at all, from:

I Want to Send a Postcard