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Four Steps to Protect Your Precious Photos

The precious memories you’re capturing with your camera and/or smartphone deserve your utmost attention. Take our simple steps to protect them and assure you have them to cherish and enjoy for years and years.

Editor’s choice: Sky

Sky is an essential part of almost every picture. It is a very distinct element that affects the whole impression. The sky can be boring and rather plain in the background, thus allowing other parts to come out on the picture. On the other hand, it can be very vivid and colourful. Other aspects like tension, flow of time or night sky are a certainty in our selection.

How I Struggled to Deliver a Cliché: Fruit in Water

To prepare for today’s article, I put together a type of shot that’s been done a thousand times before. Why? To show off how difficult it really is. Today I’ll be showing you step by step how my friend and I experimented with underwater photos of fruit. My hope is that my experiences will help other photographers try the same. So get out there and pick (or pick up) some fruit!

Taking Your Photography to New Heights

Two staff photographers at B2B publication Site Selection Magazine have become ardent Zoner users and the award winning program is helping the pair take their photography to new heights.

Editor’s Choice: Racing

Competition is something basic and human. Sometimes we’re the ones competing; other times, we’re watching others in competitions… such as races. And races draw photographers like flies! The bigger the event, the more and better photographers you’ll find there. So it would be a shame not to cover races in an Editor’s Choice. Here is a selection of quality race photography.

Lens-Camera Concept Coming Out Party?

On the heels of having done a piece in this space about the hard-charging smartphone market beginning to take aim at the high-end camera category (which produced some interesting reactions in our comments section), comes news from Sony that the charge continues.

Editor’s Choice: Snapshots

Editor’s Choice: Snapshots

It is the snapshots that are the most popular in photography. They find their use in every photographic genre. These pictures are ceaselessly appearing on the internet, taken by anybody. However, we are bringing you digest of your snapshots from reportage, sport or family photos. You will surely see for yourself that a snapshot can capture pretty much everything.

Editor’s Choice: Age

Editor’s Choice: Age

We can’t stop time. Everything ages, and we can’t do anything about it. Some people and things, meanwhile, are bitten by the tooth of time earlier than others. But aging is about more than wrinkles and rust. The good news for photographers is that aging, like all things, is a photographic opportunity.