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Editor’s Choice: Experiments

Experimentation is definitely a key part of photography! Experiments don’t always work out, but they definitely have their charm. You can experiment for example with equipment, with composition, or inside a photo editor. The sky’s the limit! Much of what we admire today came out of yesterday’s experimentation. This Editor’s Choice highlights experiments by photographers on Zonerama.

Zoner Photo Studio Power User: Heather Overman

As we told you in this space last week, we were lucky enough to recently have the opportunity to chat with two staff photographers and ardent Zoner users on Site Selection magazine, a publication that covers the development and selection of business facilities all over the world.

At Least One Photo a Day!

It’s not so important what you photograph, and especially not what you use. It’s more important that you’re taking pictures. Take at least one picture daily—even if it’s with your phone. Practice composition, and watching your surroundings.

Your Model Who Can’t Pose… Can!

Geniuses are made, not born. Math geniuses, soccer geniuses… even posing geniuses. So if your model looks awkward in every shot, on the one hand, it’s not your fault. On the other hand, you do need to get a good pose. And you can!

Four Steps to Protect Your Precious Photos

The precious memories you’re capturing with your camera and/or smartphone deserve your utmost attention. Take our simple steps to protect them and assure you have them to cherish and enjoy for years and years.

Editor’s Choice: Culture

Editor’s Choice: Culture

Every land, every nation, even every city has its own traditions—its own culture. This can be anything from amateur theater to local bands. Photographers, meanwhile, do love their cultural events! Any event worth its salt will have a few photographers present eagerly documenting it. Today we’ll be showing off culture-related photos by Zonerama users.

Editor’s Choice: Snapshots

Editor’s Choice: Snapshots

It is the snapshots that are the most popular in photography. They find their use in every photographic genre. These pictures are ceaselessly appearing on the internet, taken by anybody. However, we are bringing you digest of your snapshots from reportage, sport or family photos. You will surely see for yourself that a snapshot can capture pretty much everything.