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Get Organized with Ratings and Labels

Despite all we’ve written here about editing photos, Zoner Photo Studio is for more than just editing. This time we’ll take a look at how to make it easier to sort your photos after downloading them on to your computer.

Three Mistakes to Avoid in Pictures with People

People are among the most common subjects in photography. People in motion, people in poses, people on the street. And people are important in pictures even when they’re not the subject, by enlivening the picture or showing scale. But do you know what not to do when photographing people?

Editor’s Choice: Smiles

A smile is a gift. It’s really true. With a smile you can improve someone’s day, and it doesn’t even cost you anything. That’s why in today’s Editor’s Choice, we’ve decided to delight you with smiles captured by Zonerama users. We hope that your day, too, will be a little bit better thanks to these photos.

5 Tips for Photographing Trees

For landscape photography you definitely need some patience, some “sitzfleisch.” I heard this statement many times when I was starting out in photography. There’s probably something to it, and by the end of this article we’ll state once more that luck comes to the well-prepared. So read on, head out, and help your luck to find you!

Editor’s Choice: Let’s Reinvent the Wheel!

Editor’s Choice: Let’s Reinvent the Wheel!

The wheel is one of the most important discoveries of humankind. Although it was originally intended for pottery, over time it began to also be used in other ways. You’ll even find a few wheels on your camera. And today’s Editor’s Choice focuses on objects that move thank to a wheel or wheels. Happy trails!