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Editor’s Choice: Weather

Interesting weather transforms boring shots into great, compelling photographs. So for today’s selection, we sought out the most interesting weather-dominated Zonerama photos. These must have been some very nimble photographers, to capture such brief winks of nature!

In Case You Missed It….

There are always loads of interesting little news items, many of which that may soon have a big impact on the industry w all wake to everyday, that spring up online that don’t get much mainstream attention.

Experiment: Making a Room-sized Camera Obscura

Prepare for an article full of noise, blurry photographs, and warped perspective. Today we’ll be telling you about the day we created a giant camera obscura in the very same offices that stand behind Zoner Photo Studio.

Digital Photojournalism & Ethics: A Slippery Slope Today

You see, some truly significant questions have arisen on the matter of photo manipulation after a large number of images were disqualified from this year’s annual World Press Photo contest because of excessive — and sometimes blatant — post-processing.

Do More With Less Gear

The market is overflowing with cameras, lenses, and a variety of accessories to bring large or small effects to your photos. They come in all sizes. But do you need them? Everyone certainly tells you that this flash or that softbox will make your photos exceptional. But is it true?

Editor’s Choice: Pairs!

We hope you had a great Valentine’s Day last weekend. Today we’d like to celebrate Valentine’s for a second time this year with a pair-themed Editor’s Choice from Zonerama pictures. If you missed the big day, maybe you can make up for it with something inspired by this gallery. And if you take studio photos for a living, you’ll find lots of inspiration below for photos of couples!

Low-contrast Photogaphy in Zoner Photo Studio

Low-contrast Photogaphy in Zoner Photo Studio

Many photographers have climbed to the top by breaking the rules of the art. But before you can break the rules, you have to master the rules. In this article, we’ll help you masterfully break the rules on contrast. (And we’ll also take this opportunity to showcase the excellent RAW development toolkit in Zoner Photo Studio 17!)