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Editor’s Choice: Christmas

Christmas is magical for just about everyone, but especially for children. That’s why children’s smiling faces are front and center in Christmas photography. They’re also front and center in today’s selection of Christmas photos from our Zonerama users. Don’t forget: Christmas is a time of emotions and loved ones, so make sure all of that makes its way into your photos!

Need a Last Minute Gift? Go for Zoner Photo Studio!

Sometimes even the most careful of us forget a gift or two… or even haven’t yet had a free moment to buy any at all. Fortunately you can buy Zoner Photo Studio right up to the very last minute. It’s a great way to rescue your Christmas.

Send an Unusuall Christmas Postcard – Paint and Draw with Light

Painting and drawing with light are two of the most entertaining roads to producing creative photographs. Together they form an area of photography where groups of people of all ages can work together and have fun together. With a little patience and enough time, you can create works reminiscent of actual paintings.

Last Minute Holiday Photo Shopping

While we saw a veritable sled-full of great photo gear this year, here are few relatively inexpensive items we eyed that we think make excellent gifts for shutterbugs of all levels, without blowing your holiday budget out of the water.

Seeing the Light

Having an eye for photography is about more than just having an eye for great composition. It also means you know how to see light, and when to take your picture. If you’re lucky and catch a “fever” for photography, then the basics like light and composition will become so natural for you that you won’t even think about them—just do them.

Editor’s Choice: Snow

In many parts of the world, the snowy months are approaching, or are already here. It’s a time when our worlds are covered in white. And photographers’ albums are changing from autumn colors to a constant white. If we can ask one thing of you as a Zonerama photographer, it’s that you try to catch the season’s first snowfall in pictures. That’s the time with the most interesting landscapes. We look forward to seeing the resulting pictures on the Zonerama web galleries!

Editor’s Choice: Fall

Editor’s Choice: Fall

Falltime is photo time. It’s no wonder: the landscape is colorful, you don’t need to wait long for sunset, and there’s lots of photogenic weather to choose from. For landscape photographers, falltime isn’t just photo time. It’s heaven. So in today’s selection, you’ll find mainly landscapes and other nature photographs. We’re confident you’ll find these photos inspiring, and so we’ll soon see great new pictures from you on the Zonerama galleries.

Editor’s Choice: Prague

Editor’s Choice: Prague

The Czechs call her “Mother of Cities.” You can’t blame them. She really is among the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Czech capital is visited by tourists the world over, and so it’s in many, many pictures. Today we’ve brought you selected takes on Prague posted by photographers on Zonerama.

Editor’s Choice: Trees

Editor’s Choice: Trees

A popular photographic topic, and one that definitely deserves a place in our Editor’s Choice series. Trees have their place in every genre, either as the topic or at least to supplement composition. There are even photographers who exclusively photograph trees, and no other topic. But not all trees stand in forests. Even lumber products like benches, wooden roofs, etc. contain the spirit of the trees.