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Get Better Portraits Easily!

Every photography job demands some preparation. You need to check the batteries, card space, lens cleanliness, and more. This is all a core part of taking pictures, and yet doesn’t require any special pro knowledge. Are there more things like this you can do to push your portrait photography forward without being a pro? You bet!

Editor’s Choice: Culture

Every land, every nation, even every city has its own traditions—its own culture. This can be anything from amateur theater to local bands. Photographers, meanwhile, do love their cultural events! Any event worth its salt will have a few photographers present eagerly documenting it. Today we’ll be showing off culture-related photos by Zonerama users.

Learn Digital Panning in Zoner Photo Studio

Panning is a technique that photographers use to emphasize motion. They follow a moving object with their camera, and press the trigger at just the right moment. This keeps the photo’s main subject sharp, while blurring its surroundings. That’s nice when you can manage it… but what if you need to fake it after the shot? Read on to find out!

Editor’s Choice: Snapshots

It is the snapshots that are the most popular in photography. They find their use in every photographic genre. These pictures are ceaselessly appearing on the internet, taken by anybody. However, we are bringing you digest of your snapshots from reportage, sport or family photos. You will surely see for yourself that a snapshot can capture pretty much everything.

Editor’s choice: Capitols

Editor’s choice: Capitols

Capitals are usually the biggest cities in their countries, both in size and population. And it’s no surprise that they’re full of landmarks and monuments, and abuzz with tourists. And above all—they’re very photogenic. That’s why for today’s Editor’s Choice, we’ve chosen selected, great pictures of some of our world’s great capitals.

Editor’s Choice: Smiles

Editor’s Choice: Smiles

A smile is a gift. It’s really true. With a smile you can improve someone’s day, and it doesn’t even cost you anything. That’s why in today’s Editor’s Choice, we’ve decided to delight you with smiles captured by Zonerama users. We hope that your day, too, will be a little bit better thanks to these photos.